The Global Investor Network for Physicians

We are hundreds of physicians working together to identify, evaluate and support emerging Medtech companies. We call our approach MD Advantage—in addition to traditional investments, we invest our clinical expertise, adding value to companies and accelerating access to clinical solutions for our patients.

Portfolio companies in the news

Maintain your Investment Advantage as an MD/PhD

Don’t Get Sidelined

The physician community is uniquely qualified to evaluate the potential of emerging medical technologies - yet are often marginalized by large financial institutions who invest during a company's growth.

We counter this with a unique MD-friendly investment vehicle - not a fund - in which physicians retain control.

The Power of Partnership, the Freedom of Individual Choice

A Bloc of Physician Leaders

By bringing a bloc of physician leaders to the cap table, NTI is frequently able to set terms, or negotiate better terms for MDs.

Benefits for the Entire Group

NTI warrants, board seats and other terms benefit the entire group

Early Access to Seed and Series A Deals

NTI enables early physician access to a Seed and Series A portfolio that might not otherwise be available

No Requirement to Invest

Physician members have no requirement to invest

No Fees

Physican members incur no fees - Deal expenses are covered by management until an exit occurs

Invest as a Group

Investing as a group provides leverage to negotiate better terms

Have impact

Impact the direction or outcome of a company over time

Physicians Add Value to Companies

Early Physician Access Benefits Patients and Grows Companies

Our physician network identifies, invests, and provides operational expertise to promising medical technologies along their development lifecycle, from concept to commercialization.