About Us

NTI formed in 2016 as a collaboration between three leading US physicians and a serial entrepreneur with vast neurovascular experience.

NTI offers an investment vehicle for physicians who are in a position to evaluate the probable success of novel technologies and allows them to invest together as a group without the standard trappings of typical investment funds.  Strength in numbers benefits NTI members and the critical mass of expertise benefits the companies NTI invests in.


The group is open to all physicians.  A few industry representatives are welcomed by invitation only.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Member Responsibities
  • Members must be accredited investors.
  • Members must sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Members can choose to invest in 1 or more opportunities (investment cells), but participation is not required.
  • No front end fees.
  • All day-to-day decisions related to an investment are made by NTI Managers, LLC.
  • Investment cell member majority approval will be required for certain transactions.

Want to know more, or become a member? Contact us.

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